2010年4月3號是Apple iPad在美國零售點開賣、預定戶陸續收到貨品快遞的日子。雖然作為Mac/iPhone軟體開發者,但是因為人不在 "where the action is",倒也沒有任何想要打開資訊收集的天線來蒐羅各方意見的慾望。


關於歐語「字源學」(etymology) 一詞的字源考 (via @kongtat):

Etymon has no etymon, fittingly enough. It existed only in Greek, with the generally accepted meaning of a true word, the original word, the source of all related words to come later. But it is hard to be sure about this. How could a word like etymon appear out of nowhere and suddenly install itself in ancient Greek, out of the blue, so to say.

"Etymon" 一詞沒有語源,似乎也蠻對。這詞僅在希臘文中有,慣常的意義是「真詞」、「源詞」、「所有相關 [派生] 詞的源頭」。但此說不易持信。像 etymon 這樣一個詞,怎可能無中生有,突然就出現在古希臘語中,天外一筆,如此。

The connection of soothe to yes is strange but true; it takes a bit of relaxing to get it straight in the mind. I suppose that if something is, and is true, and leads to nodding of the head, and brings the archaic response sooth, or the modern answer yes, it is a soothing experience. The truth is not always soothing, but in a better world it ought to be.